Monday, April 13, 2009


TCAP time is now upon us...we (as teachers) have taught, pushed, tried something a different way to reach the "unreachable" and we have reviewed, reviewed, reviewed, and reviewed some more. Now, it is time for the kids to prove they learned something this year. Tomorrow is the kickoff of TCAP week and we start with the LONGEST test, which, of course would be Language Arts. I have done all I can do, it's their turn now. I just hope they all take their time and ACTUALLY read the test, I have some that just want to get finished.

On another note, I have started feeling Lyllian kick a little more, she doesn't like it if I end up on my stomach, guess it squishes her. Unfortunately, I'm getting sick-AGAIN-I am so tired of being sick!!! I am so ready for summer so I can take it easy-at least until she gets here. Only 6 weeks left!!!

Good luck to all the teachers out there who are preparing for TCAP!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


YAY! The nursery is just about finished. The painting is done and the furniture is back in it. I haven't hung anything on the wall yet, I still have that to do. I might move some things around, and we haven't gotten the lamp or side table yet. But if I had to bring her home tomorrow, it would all be fine. Enjoy the most recent pictures.