Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2 months

Lyllian, you are 2 months old today. Here is what you are up to these days:

*Your neck muscles are getting so strong, you love to hold your head up and look around.
*You recognize me and your daddy.
*You love to laugh and coo while you are on your changing table.
*You have discovered your feet and you love to look at them.
*You are staying at Maw Maw's while Mommy and Daddy are at work and you have transitioned beautifully.
*We have started adding formula to your bottles and you LOVE it!
*You try so hard to talk and I know when you do, it will be all over with!
*You don't like to have on a wet diaper and you let us know when you do.
*You move around A LOT in your sleep and scoot yourself to the end of your basinet every night.
*You giggle ALL the time.
*You are such a happy baby!
*You love love love to be outside and look at everything.
*You are starting to figure out the whole toy thing, you know if you hit your toys on your bouncy seat, you can make the music play-you think it is funny!
*You have been on two overnight road trips-you are such a good little traveler.
*You attended your first football a few weeks ago and you were in such a good mood the whole time!

We are family...

This past weekend we attended the annual Poole family reunion. We had a good time and Lyllian was on her best behavior! We had delicious BBQ and wonderful company.

Look at this HAPPY girl!

Four Generations

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Go Fight Win!

So the weekend of the of Sept. 12th the whole family went to the MTSU and U of M game in the boro. MTSU won 31-7, it was a great game and Lyllian did a great job! She wore her Memphis outfit on the way up there, but once there, I changed her into her MTSU outfit.

Lyllian met her aunt Larissa this weekend too-she cooed at her the whole time! She was wonderful!
Lyllian also got to meet aunt Leitte for the first time and her future husband, Cason. Lyllian did a great job at the game! This weekend in the hotel room was so much from the last time. She slept until 6:30 and allowed Mommy to get some much needed rest. I think we might be making more of these game trips.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meeting Aunt Megan

Lyllian got to meet "Aunt" Megan this weekend. She was in town with Charolette and her hubby David. "Aunt" Megan was pregnant with Charolette when Tim and I got married (she sang in our wedding). Maybe we will get to go to GA and visit them some day soon. "Aunt" Megan also tried to convince me to get a van-I'm just not sure I'm ready to be a "van" mom yet-sorry Megan. Your's is very nice though.


Lyllian is already upset that the Tigers lost Sunday-and the game hadn't even started. She still looks cute supporting her Pops and Uncle Adam's team. Not to worry though, she may have worn her "Memphis Blue" this weekend, but next weekend she will be wearing her "Raider Blue" as MTSU takes on Memphis in the Boro. Yep-we will be there! GO RAIDERS!

It's a great day for a wedding

On Saturday, we drove up to Lexington for Tim's friend's, Craig, wedding. It was a lovely backyard wedding and Lyllian did a great job! She was awake and alert up until the officiant started talking-ha! This was also her first overnight trip and that wasn't so great. We decided she was over stimulated during the day with all the people and things going on around that she just couldn't let herself get to sleep that night. Thank goodness our hotel room was at the end of the hall.

Doesn't she just look ADORABLE in her Janie & Jack outfit and her BIG bow!?!?!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

"Look how well I can hold my head up now!!"


So, it wasn't technically "wordless," but only because that would be impossible for me-ha!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Such a big girl

Look at this BEAUTIFUL baby girl! She looks so much older here when she is sitting up with the boppy. Look at that PRECIOUS little grin.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new fall wreath, so much so that I already hung it on the door. This is a Hobby Lobby special. I bought the letter "B" separate and decoupaged it, then Dad helped me attach it to the wreath. I am so ready for the fall and these past few days of fall-like weather have been wonderful!
Slow news day at the Bogue home, nothing else to report. But I knew the grandparents would at least want to see a picture.