Friday, November 12, 2010

Blog Wrap Up

No, I'm not closing down the blog, although maybe I should since I have become a B.A.D. blogger. I simply need to post a WHOLE!!!! bunch of stuff and decided that instead y'all have to scroll through each one, I would put it all together.

Over my fall break, the Lyl and I traveled by ourselves, yes, all alone, on a plane to NH to see one of my very best friends, Rebecca. Now, Lyllian has flown before and she did great, so yes, I was nervous, but I thought, really, I've done it before. Well, yes that statement is true, I have flown with her before, but not by myself. Tim was with us last time and she was smaller. Anyway, it was bad, not throw on the floor kicking and screaming bad, but it was yes, she is my child and yes I realize she is not happy and she is screaming so please stop looking at me bad. I picked the 6 am flight, thinking she would go back to sleep on the plane. She didn't go back to sleep, but the other passengers on the plane DID want to go back to sleep and couldn't thanks to my child. Oh, and I should mention here that these were regional planes, so they were tinytinyplanes.
Long story short, she was much better the second leg of the trip and we were both glad to be on land for awhile.
While we were there we went to a little town called Keene. It evidently has the world's largest carved pumpkin festival. I have never in my life seen so many pumpkins in one place, much less I have seen them ALL carved. The town has rafters, yes, rafters of carved pumpkins everywhere! It was crazy and there were a TON of people there.
We also went to visit Quichie Gorge, it was in a quaint little town and was beautiful. But then we went to Woodstock, it was picture perfect, like right off a movie set. I loved it!
I think I said about 4,218 times how beautiful the scenery was, even on the interstate.
We also went to visit Ben & Jerry's. Lyllian loved her icecream.
Lyllian saw wild turkeys in Rebecca's backyard and watched Maggie chase them.
And we finished it out with a trip to the Vermont Country Store, where I brought make some delicious cheese and seasoning packs. We had so much fun and yes, it really was beautiful. So glad you will get a white Christmas this year, Rebecca! Thank you for having us!
Next up, Halloween! We took Lyllian to Zoo Boo this year. She still has no idea about the whole candy concept, and I'm ok with that, but she did like watching all of the other kids dressed up in their costumes. We also went to our church's Fall Festival. Lyllian did pretty good, she really like the pig race and wanted to take one home (no they weren't real, they were wind-up). She did not, however, like the inflatables AT ALL. She didn't even like the big inflatable slide her CiCi took her own.
We have had our first bout of ear infections. She has a double one, and let me tell you, I felt so bad for her! She didn't want to take her medicine and I know she was miserable. I think she had a diet of water and yogurt for a week. It was all she would eat and the doctor said to let her eat it then. Thank goodness we had 15 months with no ear infections!!!
**Pictures to be added soon!-Anybody know a quicker/better way to add pictures besides typing everything and then having to rearrange for pictures? I really think I am doing something backwards...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

FREE Christmas Cards

I love, love, love getting Christmas cards in the mail each year. Now that most of my friends have children, it is awesome to watch them change each year. Also, it is a great way for me to show off my little cutie!!
Last year, I took pictures of Lyllian at home and sent them in to be made into cards. I say "I", but it really took me, Grammie, Auntie Susan, Auntie Becky, and Tim to get the pictures done. And might I say they looked pretty darn cute for a group of people who were/are NOT professionals.

Anyway, we have used Shutterfly in the past and I love their cards. Their service is pretty awesome too! So this year I was browsing through the Shutterfly cards and came upon some super CA-UTE cards, like these:Choice 1-Monogram
Choice 2-Modern/whimsical damask
Choice 3-Elegant damaskChoice 4-Fun holly
Choice 5-Elegance Abounds
Aren't these cards from Shutterfly wonderful! I can't wait to get Lyllian's picture done so I can see what her beautiful little face will look like in each one.
One thing I must have on my Christmas cards is "Merry Christmas", I know for some people it doesn't matter, but to me it does. So, which one do you like best? What are you Christmas card ideas? Do you have any "quirks" about your family's Christmas cards?

So, on to the really reason for your reading this post. You want to know about FREE Christmas Cards. No, really Shutterfly is giving bloggers 50 free cards. Free always makes holiday shopping a little more fun! Wanna find out more?


Don't forget to tell me which card you like best.

Oh Happy Day!!