Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweet Tea Trunk Show

You are ALL invited to...

For those you that live out of town, you can check out their merchandise online here. After you decide what you want I can take your order!!! Share with all your Mommy friends!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So last week, Lyllian started going to Babygarten at the Collierville library on Monday mornings. My grandmother takes her and she LOVED it! She got to sing songs, listen to a book, make a craft, and then play with the toys. Last week she made a shaker that we had to take EVERYWHERE the rest of the week. We finally "forgot" it at my grandmothers. She can play with it there. She had a great time playing and "talking" to all of the other kids. Lyllian LOVES her books so I thought this would be good. It would also allow them to get out of the house and my grandmother could see other adults-ha! Anyway, they went again this week and she was on her best behavior-except she was teaching the others how to climb-not sure their Mommies were ready for that just yet-ha!

I love the fact that Lyllian can go to "Grandma School" instead of me having to send her to daycare, but I want her to have some different experiences. Maybe I am pushing her too soon, but she seems interested, so I don't want to squelch that. I have been looking at Kindermusik, but I can't decide. I don't want to pay $200 for something I feel like my grandmother can do at home-I mean she plays the piano, so she can introduce her to music.

Anybody ever been to Kindermusik? What did you think?

Suggestions welcome!