Thursday, January 3, 2008


So, as I sit here with my glass of wine I decided to look back at all the wonderful memories made in 2007.  I also want to write down my goals of 2008, I have heard if the are in print, you are more likely to meet them.  Anyway here go the memories:

*Wedding dresses
*Bridesmaids dresses
*Wedding planning
*New job
*New house
*Leitte's wedding
*Becca's wedding
*Gulf Shores
*New friendships
*Rekindling of old friendships
*New babies (not mine)
*New house
*New cars
I could continue on, but those of you that need to know them, already do...

Here come the goals:
~Faith-I need to learn to let God take control!!
~Health-I want a baby soon, so I need to be healthy
~Exploring my craft-I really want to make the beginning steps to my dream of my own store
~Not letting old friendships fade away
~Try something new each month, at least
~Become closer to my sister-in-laws
~Continue to keep my house in order, so I am not embarrassed when people drop by
~Have that jewelry party for Megan

Ok, they are down on paper (well screen), now I need to check them off as I accomplish them.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Liberty Bowl

The day following the President's Gala was the SOLD OUT Liberty Bowl.  I was there, to cheer on Miss State as a favor to a friend.  Just for you, Spain.  Mom and I sat in the stadium club while the boys had to freeze with the rest of the fans.  This was my 2nd year to sit in the stadium club, and let me tell you, that's the way to watch a football game!!  It was a blast, except the idiots who were suppose to be directing traffic after the game had no clue what they were doing.  Memphis needs help in the traffic department, but we all know that.  Speaking of football, it has been on at my house for a week now, is it my turn to watch some basketball yet?  That's ok though, I have been enjoying the time in my scrap studio.  Enjoy the game pictures:

The Gala

I was fortunate enough to attend the President's Gala again this year.  It was a blast! Taylor Hicks was the entertainment, and although dancing was encouraged, it was more like a concert when he took the stage.  I thought the girl in front of me was going to climb on stage with him, she was a tad ridiculous.  We had fun though.


Ok, so I decided to follow suit with the rest of the world, and begin blogging. I have tried this before, but never kept up with it and I don't even remember where the blog is at this point.
This was mine and Tim's first Christmas together as a MARRIED couple. It was wonderful! It was also our first Christmas
in our new house!! We had Christmas with my family at our house on Christmas Eve, I loved it!! I loved my new/old Christmas tree, it was my parents until they got a skinny one. However, this will be the only year for the big fat tree, my piano will soon take its place. We traveled to his parents on Christmas day, it was fun. The little ones were in present OVERLOAD, but it was fun to watch them enjoy it all. I must say however, I am glad to be done with it. We are still out of school and don't go make until the 7th, which is nice. I don't feel rushed to have the house back in order in such a hurry this time. I began working on my sis-in-law's b-day present tonight. I wish I could post pictures, but she will see it. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and amazing New Year! Here is to 2008!!