Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Ok, so I decided to follow suit with the rest of the world, and begin blogging. I have tried this before, but never kept up with it and I don't even remember where the blog is at this point.
This was mine and Tim's first Christmas together as a MARRIED couple. It was wonderful! It was also our first Christmas
in our new house!! We had Christmas with my family at our house on Christmas Eve, I loved it!! I loved my new/old Christmas tree, it was my parents until they got a skinny one. However, this will be the only year for the big fat tree, my piano will soon take its place. We traveled to his parents on Christmas day, it was fun. The little ones were in present OVERLOAD, but it was fun to watch them enjoy it all. I must say however, I am glad to be done with it. We are still out of school and don't go make until the 7th, which is nice. I don't feel rushed to have the house back in order in such a hurry this time. I began working on my sis-in-law's b-day present tonight. I wish I could post pictures, but she will see it. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and amazing New Year! Here is to 2008!!

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