Wednesday, June 30, 2010

11 months

Lyllian Grace you are 11 months old now and you have a lot going on in your little life:

*You wear size 3 diapers still
*You wear 12 mos clothing
*You weigh right around 20 lbs
*You are probably getting close to 30 inches
*You are walkin
*You have been on your first airplane ride and you did great!!!
*You have been to Mexico
*You became a Beach Baby
*You played in the ocean
*You can now say Katey, except you yell it-every morning when I change your diaper you call her
*You love playing with your house that has a door that opens and closes
*You have been moved to the 1 year olds at church nursery
*You are still learning the meaning of "no"
*You love baby dolls
*You have started to learn how to throw a ball
*You no longer have to sit in the bathtub seat and you love having the room to move around
*You love to swim-you are definitely a water baby!
*You love pineapple juice
*You loved eating mango popsicles in Mexico
*You try to play with Katey by giving her toys
You are truly a joy to Mommy & Daddy and we love you so much! I can't believe how fast you have grown.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

10 months

Lyllian Grace you are 10 months old. You have so much personality and a lot going on in your little life. Here's what you are up to:

*You weigh approx 20 lbs

*You wear 9 month dresses

*You wear 12 months in the rest of your clothing

*You wear a size 3 shoe

*You are still in size three diapers

*You are eating three meals a day

*You are still geting 24 oz of formla a day *You play ALL day and keep Mommy very busy chasing you

*You are still a very good baby!!!

*You have been swimming already this summer and you are a water baby!

*You LOVE bathtime

*You push your lion around everywhere

*You very good in the nursery at church and Mommy & Daddy always get a good report

*You still love playing with the dogs
*You have tried to say Luci, but it comes out "Uci"
*You babble constantly still
*When you wake up in the morning, you "talk" to your lovie and ladybugs on your crib
*You have taken 5 steps by yourself

*You have eaten all kinds of nw foods
*You like to self feed
*You are drinking out of your sippy cup now, but you like to chew on it too!
*You now have 4 teeth (2 on the bottom & 2 on the top)
*You love the Veggie Tales theme song and dance to it
*If I play music in your room while you play you dance too

*You love books, even if you sometimes read them upside down (see below)
*You are getting ready to take your first plane ride
*You are leaving to go to Mexico in a week!
*You are such a precious gift and a joy!