Tuesday, April 13, 2010

8 months running late

Lyllian-you have been 8 months for a few weeks now, but Mommy keeps forgetting to post about you. I don't have the pictures on this computer, so I will make an edit later.

There is a lot going on in your little life right now.

*You will not let Mommy put a big bow in your hair anymore.

*You will still wear the little ones.

*You LOVE bath time and you love to play in the water.

*You like being outside and going for walks.

*You like to swing and now you have your very own outside swing.

*You crawl everywhere and are in to EVERYTHING!

*You are very interested in Katey's food and water bowl.

*You are eating food three times a day and taking a bottle three times a day.

*You are wearing size three diapers.

*You are wearing 9-12 month clothing.

*You like to watch Veggie Tales, but only the theme song.

*You love music.

*You will pull up on the coffee table or ottoman and dance if we play music.

*You follow Katey everywhere she goes.

*You babble constantly.

*When you wake up in the morning you "talk" to the ladybugs on your bumper pad.

*You like to play your little piano.

*You have become quite the shopper and Mommy hopes you continue to like shopping.

*You had your first passport photo made.

*You have had your first St. Patrick's day-don't worry you didn't drink any green beer-ha!

*You don't like your exersaucer anymore unless you can stand on the outside of it and play.

Whew! That made me tired just listing it all! We can't wait to see what happens next, just don't grow up too fast, please!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I only paid $14.73 for all of this!!! YAY!!!
I saved $26.87.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Milk, Cookies, and a Safari

It's not my boy though...

Last Saturday, I hosted a baby shower for a girl in my Sunday School class. We had a blast, the theme was Milk and Cookies, but we added the Safari with it. I had such a good time planning and getting ready for this shower. I did make the banner and sent it home with Ashley (the mother-to-be) so she could hang it at home when little Logan finally arrived.

I always think everything is all about the details, so I added the little giraffe to the tulle bow I made for the rocking chair. We were able to save it too, I think it will go on her Diaper Wreath for the hospital.

The Cookies and Milk tablescape, yes I learned that word from the Food Network, Semi-homemade to be exact. I loved the way it turned out. The milk carafes are perfect and I am so glad to have found a galvanized tub (on the paint aisle of all places).

A close up of the cookies, gave them all a "Safari" name like Crocodile Bites for Ginger Snaps.

And last but not least, every little boy needs his own blocks with his name on them.


We had a very busy Spring Break...

We made our first trip to the circus. Lyllian did great! We put cotton in her ears and covered them with her headband since it got kinda loud. She loved it, as you can tell. She actually took two very short naps, but I was impressed she was able to fall asleep. Once she got tired, she crawled in my lap and put her little head on my shoulder and fell asleep. It was so sweet!
We even watched little Miss Molly get her face painted...

We aslo had our picture taken with the clowns, I found it only fitting to see the clowns since two of Lyl's great-grandfathers were both Shrine clowns. I only put one on here since her facial expression was the EXACT same in EVERY picture with the clowns.

Day at the Zoo

Warning!!...picture overload!!!

Over Spring Break, Lyllian took her first visit to the Memphis Zoo. Thank goodness we did not go on FREE day, it was, however, still busy. We had a great time!
Uncle Adam went with us and was even devoted enough to feed Lyllian while we walked so I could show my niece Molly all of the animals. What a good uncle!
We saw the flamingos...

We saw brown bears...

We saw polar bears...

We saw panda bears...

We saw meerkats...

We saw cats, really big cats...
We even had our picture made with a baby panda...

We had a terrific time, but we were EXTREMELY exhausted at the end of the day!!!

Bathtime Fun!!

Introducing Lyllian and her bathtime "fau"hawk...
She's "squeaky" clean!!!

Couponing Adventures

I got all of that for $120 and some change!! I was SUPER excited!!
I only paid $15 for these at CVS...
Couponing is so exhilarating!

5,412 Posts coming your way...

It has been WAY too long since my last post and a million things have happened since then, so this is just the warningn that many, many, posts are following this one...

This pick is from Christmas time when 'uncle" Craig come to visit before he was deployed over seas. We miss him and hope he gets to come home soon!