Monday, August 31, 2009

On the road again...

Well, actually it was Lyllian's first little road trip. We went to see Tim's parents yesterday. We also got to see his grandparents, I know it was a treat for them to get to see Little Miss Lyl. We had a great visit. Lyllian had a few gas episodes, but did well for the most part. She slept all the way there of course and then she slept all the way home and until 4:30 this morning! YAY!!

We had some delicious spaghetti and fried okra-oh how I love okra! There is nothing like some good Southern food!

Here is Lyllian with her Great-Grandma Joyce. She slept the whole time she held her.

This morning she was in such a good mood that I took a little video of her when I introduced her play mat to her. She has also discovered her tongue and has been playing with it ALL day today!

Please ignore my voice-I know I sound awful.

She was so good today we got all of our errands done and she slept the whole time. She got to meet all of the girls at Debbie's Flowers today, but of course slept through it. So, now since she has gotten so much sleep today, she doesn't want to sleep tonight when Mommy and Daddy need to sleep.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy 1 Month Birthday Lyllian Grace

Look at that BEAUTIFUL baby girl! You are 1 month old today, Lyllian!

WOW! This past month has flown by, I can't believe this time a month ago we were all at the hospital holding you after your bath. You have done so many awesome things this month!

*You are a great car rider and you love the car. You look out the window many times and look at the trees.

*You love looking at lights and the fan.

*Most days you are happy in your swing or bouncy seat while Mommy gets ready or cooks dinner.

*You LOVE LOVE LOVE to sit in the chair and sleep on your Daddy's chest while he watches TV.

*You have rolled over a few times, but I think only by accident.

*You have the strongest little legs I have ever seen, I keep saying you will crawl long before you are confident in holding your head up.

*You love to look at the pictures above your changing table while Mommy gets your ready.

*You are still wearing Newborn sizes, yes, NEWBORN, not 0-3 mos (those are still a little big). But you are growing out of them daily.

*You have been to church and you did great!

*You have decided you like your baths, especially the bubbles!

*You have gone to dinner quite a few times with Mommy, Daddy, and friends and for the most part you sleep through the whole thing.

*You have had lots and lots of friends and family come visit you and normally you sleep through all of the visits.

*Daddy does your middle of the night feeding with you so that ya'll can have some time together, just the two of you.

*Today you listened to your Praise Baby DVD and it seemed to calm you.

*Katey tries to act like she is not interested in you, but if you are on the floor and make any kind of sound she has to check on you. She also comes to get me when you are crying and she stays under your bed while we get you ready. I think you two will eventually be the best of friends.

*Mommy and Daddy love you very much and thank God daily for a beautiful, healthy, sweet baby!

Lyllian and Bop Bop, she was fascinated with him!

Monday, August 24, 2009

BIG Bows, Church, and Date Night

This post is sort of going to be a rambling of thoughts and recent events...

First off, how cute is Little Lyl in this HUGE bow?!?!? Her Grammie kept making fun of her, but I warned her that I could get a bigger one. I LOVE IT!! I think she is adorable, and that's what really matters anyway, right?!?!?!

This BIG bow is what our lovely florist Debbie made for us to hang on the door at the hospital and we hung it on the front door once we got home. It is beautiful as well! Thank you Debbie!

Mommy and Daddy had their first date night last night while Grammie watched Little Lyl. We were able to have a DELISH meal at Bahama Breeze, went to Barnes and Noble, and then to see Inglorious Basterds (which I really didn't care much for, but I picked the resturant so Tim got to pick the movie). I would have been just as fine as finding a bed and taking a GOOD LONG nap. I didn't think I would make it through the movie. Thanks Grammie for babysitting! We love you!

And here is the biggest excitement of the weekend (well besides Date Night)...Little Lyl went to church for the first time yesterday. She did GREAT! She slept through preaching and then got a little cranky during Sunday School, but only because it was time to eat. Luckily, Mommy packed a bottle, so all was good! She went back to sleep after her bottle and slept through lunch. She was so adorable in her pink dress!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Little Miss Lyl and I went to Grammie's office today to go to lunch. We decided to go to Fuji since I can't have dairy-see previous post-right now. It is really hard figuring out what you can and can't eat that is dairy. So, I of course was excited, I was getting SUSHI-YAY for sushi!
Well, anyone who eats sushi on a regular basis knows that normally when you eat sushi you share the rolls with another person so you can get more than one kind. So, I tell my mom this and she says ok, let's get two then-WHAT!!! I know some of you are like what is wrong with that, absolutely NOTHING, but I have been trying to get my mom to eat sushi for 2 years!!!! to no prevail.
We decided on the Rock -n- Roll and Crunchy Shrimp Roll-yep they were DELISH!! Mom ordered a plate of shrimp fried rice just in case she didn't like the sushi. But guess what!! She LOVED it!! I am so proud of her-go mom! It also just so happened to be a day I left my camera at home (duh!) I was a little bummed about that-it was such a scrapbook moment!
Mom, I'm so glad I have another sushi friend now!! YAY you!

What?!?! No Dairy

We are still having some gassey issues with Lyllian-I know it is because of what I eat. I mean, it has to be, we didn't start out this way. Since I am nursing I know that I everything I eat eventually gets to her. I printed off the list of "problem" foods from I have been following that, but it didn't seem to be helping much. I called her ped yesterday for some more help, we have been giving her Mylicon drops, Gripe Water, and I have been watching what I eat. I even stopped drinking Diet Coke (which I thought would end the world as I know it). Nothing was helping, we knew it wasn't colic, it is not consistent fussiness and the way she stiffens up proves it's gas. So, I called the ped and now not only do I have to follow the above rules, I also have to keep a food diary, give her 1/4 teaspoon of Maylox, and eliminate ALL dairy products from my diet.

Ok, sure no problem, but what in the world CAN I eat now?!?!?!?! I know that I will eventually be able to go back to eating as I wish, but it won't be until she knows how to get rid of the gas herself. That is the hardest part of the whole thing, I can fix her problem, and she is still trying to figure it out herself. Being a Mommy is tuff stuff!!!

Did any of you have to give up what seemed like EVERYTHING while you were nursing? And if you were on a non-dairy diet, give me some ideas of what you ate...

I guess milk doesn't do everybody's body good...

Monday, August 17, 2009


This is actually out of blog order, but these are from her very first bath at home. She was not happy with this bath, but things have gotten much better. We have purchased a head rest that seems to help her. She also likes the face that she can sit in water now that her umbilical cord has fallen off. Last night was a great bath night, but of course we didn't get any pictures. Tim and I just enjoyed the lack of screaming during bath time. She doesn't like to get cold-but who does?

Grammie had to help, Mommy and Daddy had never given a bath to a baby so small before.

Oooo, that's one MAD little girl!

"Don't forget my back."

ALL CLEAN-but still not very happy!

Photo Shoot

Little Miss Lyl had her first photo shoot today. Tim works with a guy who also has a photography business and he and his wife came to our house today to take newborn shots of Lyllian. Lyllian did a pretty good job-I think it could've gone smoother, but she wasn't feeling well this morning. Oh well, I can't wait to see the pictures. Tim took a picture of Chaz taking a picture-ha!

She finally fell sound asleep and we were able to get more her into more "newborn-like" positions.

She also slept in her crib during nap time today. She looks so small in this big giant crib. And, yes, I know she is on her stomach, but we were keeping a very close eye on her and it seems to help her with the gassiness (is that a word?). She doesn't sleep like that at night in her bassinet-no worries!

I'm still looking for some BIG bow headbands and knit flower hats for her-I can't find any small enough, I know I can order them online, but I'm afraid they won't fit. I know her head will eventually fit them, but I want some for now (insert whinny voice). She has one headband that I found at Chocolate Soup, but it was still too big and it was the smallest they had. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wow! Time flies when you have a new baby

Well, it's been a few since I last wrote. A lot has happened since I last wrote, LYLLIAN IS HERE! She actually arrived on her due date all by herself!

My water broke at 7:30am on Wednesday, July 29th. We arrived at the hospital about 9:45 that morning. They went ahead and started me on Pitocin so I would continue to dialate. We waited around for what seemed liked ever. By 8:45 that evening I was fully dialated and we were ready to push, by the way, epidurals are AMAZING!! I pushed for 30 to maybe 40 minutes and our screaming bundle of joy arrived. She was PERFECT, and still is. She arrived at 9:38pm.

So we spent our 2 days at the hospital and finally came home. We had a TON of people waiting to see little Lyllian and Mommy, Daddy, and baby all got a little overwhelmed. We were finally able to recover with no visitors on Saturday. Life with a baby has been an adjustment, but one well worth making. Mommy and Daddy are getting better sleep and things are looking up.

We went to Lyllian's first doctor's appointment with Dr. Catherine on Thursday. Lyllian had gained 12 oz since we left the hospital!! Dr. Catherine was very proud of her and Mommy since we are breast feeding. We always knew she would be an over-achiever. Dr. Catherine said Lyllian was perfect and she doesn't need to see us until her 2 month check-up.

We decided to go visit Grammie at her office since we were out that way and Lyllian got to meet a few new people. Then we went to visit Aunt Kelly and our cousins, Caleb, Hannah Beth, and Colton. Lyllian did great, she nursed while we were there and took a nap. We had a great day, but we were all VERY tired when we got home.

This has been a rollercoaster ride, but definitely worth every minute of interrupted sleep...