Monday, August 31, 2009

On the road again...

Well, actually it was Lyllian's first little road trip. We went to see Tim's parents yesterday. We also got to see his grandparents, I know it was a treat for them to get to see Little Miss Lyl. We had a great visit. Lyllian had a few gas episodes, but did well for the most part. She slept all the way there of course and then she slept all the way home and until 4:30 this morning! YAY!!

We had some delicious spaghetti and fried okra-oh how I love okra! There is nothing like some good Southern food!

Here is Lyllian with her Great-Grandma Joyce. She slept the whole time she held her.

This morning she was in such a good mood that I took a little video of her when I introduced her play mat to her. She has also discovered her tongue and has been playing with it ALL day today!

Please ignore my voice-I know I sound awful.

She was so good today we got all of our errands done and she slept the whole time. She got to meet all of the girls at Debbie's Flowers today, but of course slept through it. So, now since she has gotten so much sleep today, she doesn't want to sleep tonight when Mommy and Daddy need to sleep.

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