Friday, August 7, 2009

Wow! Time flies when you have a new baby

Well, it's been a few since I last wrote. A lot has happened since I last wrote, LYLLIAN IS HERE! She actually arrived on her due date all by herself!

My water broke at 7:30am on Wednesday, July 29th. We arrived at the hospital about 9:45 that morning. They went ahead and started me on Pitocin so I would continue to dialate. We waited around for what seemed liked ever. By 8:45 that evening I was fully dialated and we were ready to push, by the way, epidurals are AMAZING!! I pushed for 30 to maybe 40 minutes and our screaming bundle of joy arrived. She was PERFECT, and still is. She arrived at 9:38pm.

So we spent our 2 days at the hospital and finally came home. We had a TON of people waiting to see little Lyllian and Mommy, Daddy, and baby all got a little overwhelmed. We were finally able to recover with no visitors on Saturday. Life with a baby has been an adjustment, but one well worth making. Mommy and Daddy are getting better sleep and things are looking up.

We went to Lyllian's first doctor's appointment with Dr. Catherine on Thursday. Lyllian had gained 12 oz since we left the hospital!! Dr. Catherine was very proud of her and Mommy since we are breast feeding. We always knew she would be an over-achiever. Dr. Catherine said Lyllian was perfect and she doesn't need to see us until her 2 month check-up.

We decided to go visit Grammie at her office since we were out that way and Lyllian got to meet a few new people. Then we went to visit Aunt Kelly and our cousins, Caleb, Hannah Beth, and Colton. Lyllian did great, she nursed while we were there and took a nap. We had a great day, but we were all VERY tired when we got home.

This has been a rollercoaster ride, but definitely worth every minute of interrupted sleep...

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