Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy 1 Month Birthday Lyllian Grace

Look at that BEAUTIFUL baby girl! You are 1 month old today, Lyllian!

WOW! This past month has flown by, I can't believe this time a month ago we were all at the hospital holding you after your bath. You have done so many awesome things this month!

*You are a great car rider and you love the car. You look out the window many times and look at the trees.

*You love looking at lights and the fan.

*Most days you are happy in your swing or bouncy seat while Mommy gets ready or cooks dinner.

*You LOVE LOVE LOVE to sit in the chair and sleep on your Daddy's chest while he watches TV.

*You have rolled over a few times, but I think only by accident.

*You have the strongest little legs I have ever seen, I keep saying you will crawl long before you are confident in holding your head up.

*You love to look at the pictures above your changing table while Mommy gets your ready.

*You are still wearing Newborn sizes, yes, NEWBORN, not 0-3 mos (those are still a little big). But you are growing out of them daily.

*You have been to church and you did great!

*You have decided you like your baths, especially the bubbles!

*You have gone to dinner quite a few times with Mommy, Daddy, and friends and for the most part you sleep through the whole thing.

*You have had lots and lots of friends and family come visit you and normally you sleep through all of the visits.

*Daddy does your middle of the night feeding with you so that ya'll can have some time together, just the two of you.

*Today you listened to your Praise Baby DVD and it seemed to calm you.

*Katey tries to act like she is not interested in you, but if you are on the floor and make any kind of sound she has to check on you. She also comes to get me when you are crying and she stays under your bed while we get you ready. I think you two will eventually be the best of friends.

*Mommy and Daddy love you very much and thank God daily for a beautiful, healthy, sweet baby!

Lyllian and Bop Bop, she was fascinated with him!

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