Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chef Lyllian

She LOVES her kitchen!!!

Christmas Fun!

We had such a busy Christmas this year! It was fun, but busy! In order to keep from posting a BAZILLION pictures of Christmas, I made a slideshow. I realized after I finished, I was missing Christmas with Tim's mom and Christmas Eve at my parents. I have very good reasons though, we videoed everything with Tim's mom and my mom took all the pictures with her camera at her house. Oh well, you can see what else we were up to this Christmas!

I hope you enjoy the slide show as much as we enjoyed experiencing it all.

This year was a tough year deciding what Santa brought vs what Mommy and Daddy gave Lyllian. She gets three presents from Santa and three presents from Mommy and Daddy (since that was all baby Jesus got and it helps keep the cost down)-anyway we don't want Santa to overshadow Mommy and Daddy you know-so we had to split up the big gifts. Santa delivered the kitchen and Mommy and Daddy gave her the tricycle. Santa delivered a tea set and Mommy & Daddy gave her the dollhouse. Santa delivered dress up clothes and Mommy & Daddy gave her the Fancy Nancy game. The stocking is from Santa and doesn't count with the three presents. Trust me, everyone else did plenty of spoiling with out Santa's help. She got a table and chairs and TWO ride on toys from CiCi & Papaw; along with some more Fancy Nancy stuff. She got a bean bag & Shopping Cart from Grammie & Pops; along with Angelina ballerina and Oliva dolls. Maw Maw gave her HUGE building blocks, an Aqua Doodle and MUCH, MUCH more. I think she is still overwhelmed and doesn't know what to play with first.

Ok, so I have babbled long enough, you really only want to see the pictures of her anyway...

***I had to remove the pictures, I couldn't get the Christmas music to turn off***

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

From our family to yours!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

At least around our house it is. We start putting up Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving. I am all about not getting Christmas out until Thanksgiving is over.

Anyway, we have been busy little bees here lately. We made the grandparents their yearly Christmas ornament. Sorry I can't show you, the grandparents read the blog. But I can assure it they are CA-UTE!! Let's just say Lyl did some finger painting on them this year.

When we were finished with the ornaments, she wasn't finished finger painting, so we gave her some paper and let our little VanGogh go to work.
She had a blast! She didn't want to be finished when Mommy said time was up. We now have this beautiful piece of artwork up on our fridge for the world to admire.
Tonight we went to Pops retirement banquet. He has retired from the Air National Guard after 33 years of service. It was a nice banquet and he received a very nice shadow box with all of his ribbons and medals in it.
One of my favorite childhood memories is baking Christmas goodies with my mom. I decided to start the tradition with Lyl this year. She LURVED it! She did a very good job and only got slightly messy. I think we will have to get her an apron like Mommy's since she likes to help in the kitchen.
She helped cut all of the cookies with the mini Christmas cookie cutters Daddy bought us. Her favorite was the Gingerbread Girl.

We tried to watch them baking, but since I am always telling her the stove/oven is hot, she didn't want to get near it. At least she listens!- ha!!
After they cooled, I drizzled them with green cookie icing and let her "sprinkle" on the red sugar. We had to keep moving the cookies around because Lyl liked them to be "really" red. She had fun, but I think the thing she enjoyed the most was getting to stand in a chair, cause that's a no-no ya know!-ha!

What are some Christmas traditions you have started with your little ones, or some you can't wait to start?