Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Favorite Things March

If you have never heard of Katie over at Cleared for Takeoff, you should check her out. She has the monthly post of all of her favorites. I decided to link up this month. Check out others favorite things here.

1. I love my new BIG rings I got at Spring Market, they are wonderful:

Doesn't it look fun?!?!

2. I am loving the my Nuetragena face wash...

It makes my face feel so fresh and clean.

3. Babyganics-this stuff gets EVERYTHING out of Lyllian's clothes. Gotta stain, this is the stuff you need!!

4. Skinny Taste-

since restarting Weight Watchers, I have found so many delicious recipes on her site-she ROCKS!!

What are your favorite things this month?