Thursday, January 3, 2008


So, as I sit here with my glass of wine I decided to look back at all the wonderful memories made in 2007.  I also want to write down my goals of 2008, I have heard if the are in print, you are more likely to meet them.  Anyway here go the memories:

*Wedding dresses
*Bridesmaids dresses
*Wedding planning
*New job
*New house
*Leitte's wedding
*Becca's wedding
*Gulf Shores
*New friendships
*Rekindling of old friendships
*New babies (not mine)
*New house
*New cars
I could continue on, but those of you that need to know them, already do...

Here come the goals:
~Faith-I need to learn to let God take control!!
~Health-I want a baby soon, so I need to be healthy
~Exploring my craft-I really want to make the beginning steps to my dream of my own store
~Not letting old friendships fade away
~Try something new each month, at least
~Become closer to my sister-in-laws
~Continue to keep my house in order, so I am not embarrassed when people drop by
~Have that jewelry party for Megan

Ok, they are down on paper (well screen), now I need to check them off as I accomplish them.

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