Monday, November 2, 2009

3 months

Lyllian Grace you are 3 months old now. Here is what is going on in your little life:

*you have discovered how to laugh and are always very happy!

*you have discovered your feet and you love to play with them

*you've started noticing your toys and how to play with them

*you can sit up in your boppy so good now

*you are sleeping through the night--YAY!!!

*you like watching Katey and Luci play

*you still love tummy time and really try to crawl

*Maw Maw says you are such a GOOD baby!!!

*you are drinking 6 ounces at almost every feeding

*you can roll yourself over from your tummy to your back

*you are a big mover when you sleep, usually Mommy & Daddy put you one direction and by the next morning you have turned 180 degrees

*you still don't like to sleep with a blanket

*you are such a good girl at church and everyone just loves you

*you have been dedicated to the Lord and had so many people who love you witness it

*Mommy & Daddy love you more everyday and LOVE watching you grow and develop