Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's My Party

**This is a public service announcement: The post you are about to read, is OVERLOADED in pictures. Please be advised. You may now return to your regularly scheduled reading.**
Happy Birthday to this sweet little girl! We had her party the Saturday before her party-mainly because I go back to work Monday and didn't want the stress of it this weekend. Anyway we had a blast-it was H.O.T. but we had fun anyway! Lyllian taught little Sarah the proper way to eat a smash cake-you know all dainty like.

Even the birthday girl thought it was hot enough to eat ice right out of the drink bucket, and because I am mother of the year I took the moment as a photo opp and didn't try to stop her. Side note: she later tried to climb IN the drink bucket, I did stop that-ha!

This is the best picture I have of the table runners-they are bulap with giraffe print fabric. Yep, I made them with lots of help from my grandmother (ok-I won't lie-I had the idea she put it to action).

Some of our many friends that came and some more decorations. And the kids table that was covered in paper so they could color or eat the crayons-whichever they preferred.

Drink table and more friends!

We had toys-LOTS of toys-and yes, they were all pink!!! It was PINKALICIOUS afterall!

Tables with pink flowers and candles with pink jelly beans-my brother later told me that he ate the jellybeans at his table-what a goober-we had another bag inside that didn't have candle wax in them! Oh, and a puff in the tree-each tree/bush had one in it.

This is our gallery of pictures-I had one for each month behind the cake table and on the table I had her newborn, 6 months, and 1 year pictures framed in frames I made.

The oh so beautiful cake table minus the cake...

Is that arrangement not AH-SOME! Debbie at Debbie's flowers is amazing-she does all of our flowers (ok end commercial break).

Table with the A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. cake!!!!

The cake was compliments of Larissa Miller-my sorority big sis and wonderful cake designer! I sent her way to many pics of what I liked and said find something good-she made it look better than good and it tasted DELISH!!

Lyllian Grace with her proud parents (one very tired looking Mommy!).

The birthday girl with her designer hat and bib on from Ms. Natalie! She wore it like a pro too!

After taking awhile to figure out exactly what she was suppose to do with the big hunkin' cake in front of her, she decided she liked it. (sidenote-Mommy picked strawberry for the top/smash cake since it was her favorite).

And no party is complete with out presents, especially when you get to sit in the special "present-opening-chair"!!

Thank you to all of you that came to celebrate-please have a cake pop to take home! :)


Mandy said...

How cute! You did such a good job on the decorations! Happy Birthday to your little one!

Natalie said...

The party was fantastic. You are officially hired for Sarah's birthday in December, and Chris's graduation in 4 years.

The cake pops by the way were TO DIE FOR! Wish we had taken you up on your offer to grab more than one.