Friday, March 7, 2008



    We got some snow.  I thought we weren't going to get any this year at all.  We even got out of school 2 hours early!!! YAY!!

    I got home just as it was beginning to snow.  I took Katey out to see it, she doesn't remember playing in it last year, I don't think.  She sat on the porch and watched for awhile.  Later when we had a few inches on the ground she actually played in it.

    Tim has to work tonight and I know I will worry about him all night.  People are stupid and are going to get out in this and then he will have to go help them.  Anyway I am attaching some pictures of Katey playing in the snow.  I hope everyone else enjoys the snow! Be careful!

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Joye said...

Alison--I just tagged you for a meme over on my website. You can go over and see the "rules" and if you'd like to participate. Or not. Hopefully yes :-) You never post! What's goin on in your exciting life? Tell!