Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vacation is O-V-E-R

It's been awhile, but nothing interesting has happened in my life lately...
     Yes, how depressing, we are back from Florida and I already miss it.  I am not a huge fan of salt water, but I am a huge fan of not having my days scheduled out for me!!  It was nice waking up to coffee already made all week (Tim's parents get up much earlier than the rest of us) and being able to head straight to the beach and read.  The water was cloudy because of hurricane season, but we still had fun!  We spent 2 days at Cherokee Sink-it was nice to have fresh water to swim in for awhile.  Tim and I spent one day driving over to St. George's Island and looking around, the homes there are GORGEOUS!!!  I am glad to be home, but it also means it's time for work again.  Normally this time of the year when school supplies get put out, I am super excited to start back, but this year I am not ready yet.  I think it is because I have spent my entire summer in the house nursing my feet back to health.  The nursing paid off, yesterday I was released from the doctor's care-it's all up to me now.  

Enjoy the pictures:

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