Wednesday, July 9, 2008

2 days til VACAY!

   Well, I think it has been a few since I last posted-so sorry for those of you who read for pleasure-ha!  Anyway, Tim and I have had a busy week or so.  Last week we started it out with our anniversary-it was great-even our cake was still delicious!!  Then my mom's birthday, followed by mine, then on the 3rd my aunt went into labor and little baby Colton was born.  Then we went out of town to my in-laws for the 4th and a combined birthday party of me, my bro-in-law and Tim's grandmother.  We had a good time-thanks for asking ;).  
    I went to the doctor on Monday and I was given permission to wear tennis shoes!!! YAY!-no more special ed shoes!!!  We leave for vacation in 2 days and I must start packing and doing laundry.  I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!!

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