Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sick, very, very sick

I have been fighting a cold/infection since last week.  I left work early on Wednesday and came home and slept ALL day.  I haven't returned to work yet, but I am going to the doctor today.  I hope everything is ok, I know my immune system is down right now, but I'm still a little scared.  I just wonder if the doctor will tell me to go back to work tomorrow.  I haven't been hungry for anything except soup and baked potatoes for over a week now.  The good news is I haven't had morning sickness the past few days, it will probably come back, knowing my luck.  Tim has been really good to me through all of it.  I have moved from the bed to the couch for three days now and I am very ready for some RELIEF!!!


Joye said...

Hope you feel better soon :) Merry Christmas Break!

Jennifer said...

I am glad to hear that the sickness is wearing off. That stuff gets old real quick. Jonny and I are looking online for jobs for him. Jeez there is nothing out there, well there is but the jobs aren't in TN, go figure. Just keep hopin' for him. Take care and stay safe.
Love ya'll!
ps: Rub the peanut for me. haha