Friday, December 19, 2008

8 weeks and counting

I went yesterday for an 8 week check up.  I went by myself and hoped the whole way they didn't do an ultrasound, not that I didn't want one, I just wanted Tim to be there for it.  They didn't, all they did was blood work.  I got all of the paperwork for the hospital-how fun!  We don't go back until the middle of January, which is when we get to do the ultrasound to hear the heartbeat-we are so excited and can't wait.  
Baby Bogue already has Christmas presents at his/her grandparents houses and at his/her great aunt & uncle's house.  Tim and I are getting each other a glider for Christmas, guess we have no more that are just about us-ha!

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Joye said...

Congrats on your happy visit. So will you open the gifts??? hehehe How are you feeling?