Sunday, December 6, 2009

Step Two

Step One: The Christmas tree (see previous post) is up and decorated.

Step Two: Outside decor is up including this new wreath I made this year:

Step Three: The rest of the indoor decor. I have this on the piano, and I really like it, but the other side has a collection of snowmen, I think I am tired of. I don't really know what I want to put on that side, but I know I am tired of the snowmen. In the middle I am going to out Lyl's Christmas picture.

On another note, Mom is home from surgery and doing well. She ate with us in the kitchen tonight. She still can't move her knee because of the brace, but she is coping. She has physical therapy starting this week. They will come to the house for 2 weeks and then she will start going to them. For 6 hours a day she has to put her leg in this contraption that will keep her leg moving. She says it is painful at first, but only because her leg begins to get stiff. Please continue to pray during this recovery time and the recovery process.

This is a picture we took of Lyllian right around Thanksgiving:

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Mandy said...

Your Christmas decorations look great! Hope your mom gets better soon!