Sunday, March 7, 2010

7 Months

Lyllian Grace you are now 7 months old and you are a busy little girl! Here is what you are up to these days...
*You are still wearing size 2 diapers, but Mommy and Daddy are buying size 3 from now on, you can technically wear them.
*You wear 6-9 month clothing for length, and a few things you have are 12 month.
*We aren't sure of your weight, you didn't have a check-up this month.
*You have gotten your flu shot.
*You are crawling A LOT!!
*You pull up on everything you can.
*You LOVE books! Maw Maw reads to you every day.
*You love fruit!
*You are becoming more accustomed to eating your veggies.
*You have tried puffs and yogurt melts and like them too!
*You still take your bottle, but usually only 3 times a day, you would much rather eat veggies and fruit.
*You are not interested in a sippy cup, even if we put your milk in it instead of water.
*You like to sit on your quilt and play with your toys.
*Your favorite toy is Grammie's IPhone, especially the Piano App.
*You laugh all the time!
*You are becoming very ticklish.
*Getting your dressed has gotten a little easier, you are beginning to understand helping by putting your arms through the holes.
*Daddy had to lower your crib because you can pull up on it to stand now.
*You are beginning to notice the big bows Mommy puts in your hair and that you can get them out. (makes Mommy shed a little tear)
*You love to watch Katey play and you belly laugh at her.
*Katey lets you pull on her and pet her when you want. She also likes to give you kisses.
*You know who has you and you like to raise your little arms up for us to pick you up.
*You still love to jump in your jumpers.
*You have discovered your lovie and sleep with it every night.
*You finally have figured out what teethers are for instead of your fingers.
*You are growing and discovering new things every day!
*When Mommy gets the camera out, your go for it everytime!

We love you sweet girl!


KatieJones said...

OMG is she pulling up already? I love that pink and zebra outfit! And just so you know...I am doing header designs for $15 if you want to match that adorable background!

Natalie said...

Love it! I especially love the picture of her attacking the camera. And how she's been pulling off her bows. I know that's gotta make you cry. =)