Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

WOW! This weekend has flown by and we have been busy bees! Only one week 'til Spring Break and I can't wait! I get to spend a whole week with Little Lyl and we will be going to the circus that week!!!

I LOVE being a mommy-especially because this little lady wakes up like this EVERY day! She always has this big grin on her face when I go to get her in the mornings, but now instead of lying in the bed to give me the grin...she has learned to pull herself up in her crib! Lord, help us when she learns to walk!!!
Saturday my mom came over to "help" me swap out Lyllian's 6 month clothes for 9 and 12 month clothes. I think she came over more for entertainment purposes though-ha! Lyllian loves to play in her crib while I am working in her room, I just put some toys in and away she goes. Well, Grammie and I decided to play dress up with some of her summer hats and her winter hats that came with outfits. We took one off and her hair looked a hot mess-ha! I love her expression her-"who, me?"

Today our church celebrated its FIRST birthday! (Happy Birthday, Crossroads!) In celebration we had "Dinner on the Grounds" and "Baptist Bird"-fried chicken. Each age group was assigned something different to bring, i.e. veggies, salads, desserts... Lyllian also wore her mommy's dress from when she was a little girl. Isn't she just adorable?!?!?!

This weekend was so beautiful and we couldn't let it go to waste. We decided after Lyl's nap this afternoon to pack up and head to the Shelby Farms Flea Market and then over to Shelby Farms for a stroll. Lyl loved it! We took Katey too, she whinned while we drove through the park until she was able to get out and run. I can't wait for more weekends like this!

Tonight we decided to have Olive Garden. It was delish! Lyllian is usually very good and only reaches for what I put on her little placemat thing, but tonight she wanted her daddy's lemon. We finally gave in and this was the reaction...

I didn't take a picture of this, but Friday night, my mom and I went to a consignment sale. I walked away with 10 smocked dresses, some pjs, two Fisher Price toys, a swim suit, a pair of Nike tennis shoes, and some play outfits for Lyl all for $182!!!! I was in HEAVEN!! I loved it! AND---95% of my items still had the original tags, including the Feltman Bros bubble outfit!!! Amazing, I know!
Hope y'all have a good week, I will be counting the days until Spring Break!


Natalie said...

How precious! I love the picture of Lyl' in your old dress. My mom saved some of my old dresses for Sarah and I love putting her in them. I was hoping to put side by side pics of me and her in them and see how much she looks like me. But, she doesn't she looks like her dad. Oh and that picture of her with the lemon is awesome!

Jennifer said...

I love the picture when lyl is in her stroller.. Beautiful :) She's getting so big. She's perfect :)