Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Whew! We have had a very busy weekend!

We started the weekend HAVING to eat dinner with our Bunny that we had forgotten existed 20 minutes prior to dinner. Honestly, she found this bunny in her stuffed animal basket and you would've thought she had been missing it for awhile. In fact, it is already back in the basket and has not been played with since. Friday night we met up with my parents at Danver's. Lyllian always wants to sit in a chair like a big girl, since there weren't very many customers, I let her sit in a booster seat. She loved it and did GREAT while she was eating. But, just as I expected, once she was finished she wanted down, now she sometimes wants down from her highchair too, but she is more contained in that than the booster seat. Needless to say, we didn't stay long after she finished eating.

We did stay long enough for her to draw her first piece of artwork. I know she is a budding artist. I, of course, saved her artwork and will hang it on the fridge.
Please excuse the quality of the above pictures, they were all taken on my phone.
Saturday was a great Mommy day-I was able to get a pedicure with some girls from work and do a little shopping. I picked Lyllian up and we ended the day with a cookout at Grammie & Pops's.
Sunday we went to a BBQ at the Sutherlen's. We had a blast and so did Lyllian, she probably walked 5 miles while we were at their house. She had a great time trying to keep up with the other kids that were there, in fact she was asleep before we got out of their driveway! Of course, I forgot my camera. She also LOVES bbq, she ate off of both mine and Tim's sandwiches.
Monday we had some friends over to cookout and Linda took some pics for us. They turned out GREAT!!! These are just a sneak peek-Grandparent's Day is coming up and I can't give away all the secrets, especially since the grandparents read the blog...

September is for APPLES!!!

We got tired of pictures and we were getting hungry...

But by the end we were all smiles again!
I think I need another day off just to rest from the weekend-ha!
I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day-here's to a four day week!!!

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