Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We are family...

I got all my cousins with me. Earlier in the month (I realize I am late posting this) we had a family reunion. We have one every year the Saturday after Labor Day-anyway! Last year Lyllian was just a wee one and had no idea what was going on, this year she was in the middle of EVERYTHING-what a difference a year makes.

Even though we took outside ride along toys, one Ella got there with her baby dolls, that was ALL Lyllian could focus on... If she pushed the shopping cart around once, she pushed it a million times!!!

She LOVED the cart-maybe she will get one for Christmas?!?!

We did ride on our lion some though, only backwards-she hasn't figured out how to go forward yet.

Isn't she just AH-DORABLE!!!

We learned how to "love" on Kate (even though kate had it down pat a little better-but she has a big sister) We hung out with Grammie for a photo op...

We played baby dolls with Kate...

We were all smiles, even at the end. We did fall asleep within the first two minutes of leaving though.-ha!

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