Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's For Dinner?

When Tim and I first got married I made out monthly menus. It worked great-there was never a question about what to cook. I love it! Then, I became the cheerleading sponsor and didn't get home until eight at the earliest, so I tried biweekly menus. It still didn't work out-it was too hard to keep up with and I never felt like cooking that late. I really enjoy cooking so I cooked when I could when we were out of school and didn't have practice. Then we got pregnant-and besides coming home late every night I was always exhausted!!! After Lyllian was born, I wanted to start back with menus, plus I wasn't staying for cheerleading so I am able to come home earlier each day. So, here is this week's menu at the Bogue's house:

French Bread

Monday-Chicken Fajitas
Spanish Rice

Tuesday-Fried Rice
Egg Rolls

Wednesday- Chicken Nuggets
Mac N Cheese

Thursday- Vegetable Soup

Friday- Pizza

Saturday- Hamburgers
Home made Fries

We are trying to eat at home more in order to save money and having it already planned out makes it so much easier. I would like to say we are trying to save money in order to pay of college loan debt, which we are, but really I am wanting/trying to save money in order to buy an embordiery machine. Not sure we have saved much, but it has been nice to eat as a family when possible. Most nights I fix Tim's and have to leave it in the microwave for when he gets home. Anyway, enjoy what we are having for dinner this week!

So what kind of meals do you have as "go to" meals for weeknights? What is your favorite dinner to cook and what is your family's favorite meal?


Liz Beyer said...

My favorite go-to meal is probably cheezit chicken. It's so easy to make... just coat boneless skinless chicken breasts in lite mayo or miracle whip and then coat with crunched up cheezits and bake at 375 for 45 minutes. I usuually make some green beans and corn on the cob to go with. Everyone at the Beyer house loves it!

amanda and bear said...

A go-to meal for us is often Poppyseed Chicken. Sometimes I will boil the chicken and shred it the night before, so that helps me to skip a step and make it faster.

We also like buying salmon (or whatever else-tilapia, tuna) and letting it thaw in the fridge during the day. We bake/broil it in the oven and serve it over brown rice. I found brown rice at Kroger that comes in these packets that you can microwave in water for like two minutes! There are no preservatives in it either. We often have steamed veggies on the side.